Friday, April 30, 2010

Duotone Mandala 1

I now have to go back and convert all my solid black images to the duotone layered images. So far, I have 3 completed which is enough to do a mandala for a t shirt. The bottom image is of the new mandala using black silhouttes. The next one shows the black and gray duotone version.
While the duotone approach adds a level of detail and interest, I think it takes away from the pattern of the monotone black. I would appreciate some feedback on which you prefer.
Once the duotone layers have been created, it is a simple matter to colorize them any way one wants. The third mandala hints at the possiblities. While I don't consider it a usable design, it does demonstrate some interesting potential.

Dancers 10

My first designs have used solid black silhouettes. This is the weakest of those designs which is a shame because the original photo I used is very good. Pat asked if there was a way to add detail to the silhouettes, so I came up with the idea of doing the man in black and the woman in 65% gray.
Once the image is layered like that, it is a simple matter to colorize it any way one wants.

Dance Mural 1: Over Rainbow

Let's kick it up a notch and put the black & white pattern over a rainbow background.

Dance Mural 1: Black & White

This is the first mandala I have turned into a mural design. Almost all of my mandalas can be expanded to mural size, but I had 18 dancing couples which was enough to design this 8'X8' image.