Friday, April 30, 2010

Dancers 10

My first designs have used solid black silhouettes. This is the weakest of those designs which is a shame because the original photo I used is very good. Pat asked if there was a way to add detail to the silhouettes, so I came up with the idea of doing the man in black and the woman in 65% gray.
Once the image is layered like that, it is a simple matter to colorize it any way one wants.


  1. Bob, The one with the woman in Pink is sexy! :)
    I think that has potential.

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for the attention, posting my Dancing Mandalas on your site. However I was trying to register to get them out into the world, but unfortunately the domain is in use. Funny to see my work here anyways. At this moment i am working on a 3D version of the Dancing Mandalas, with a lot more contemporary dancers, this will take at least another few years before it comes out, but if this DVD will also bring in some money, I am able to do it faster. All dancers are real of course. No computer animation!
    These mandalas are used around the world for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and used as background for workshops, while I personally have never made any profit out of it, nor received any feedback. Of course the HD DVD's are copyrighted, and you cannot use them to show in public. So I made a royalty free DVD available for people who want to use it in their sessions/workshops.
    The youtube small and low quality version stays free to use until the new DVD comes out.
    Research showed that teenage computer game addicts love to use these dvd's to be able to sleep. To wipe the games out of their heads. And students use them to concentrate. However I never had enough budget to create the DVD's. So maybe you can help me a bit. ;)
    What I wanted to do with this site is to show the world they're out there. Dutch Television last year broadcasted 10 minutes of these mandalas on Art television at 19.30 in the evening. The mandalas won a competition to be broadcasted as best video art in Holland.
    Long story. But just want to let you know that slowly and gradually the DVD's will be brought to the market, first the royalty free 60 min HD version and then the rest.

    Have a wonderful time, and keep up the great work!

    Lots of light,

    Maurice Spees