Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Duotone Dancing Mandala

I have completed a couple of more conversions of dancing couples to duotones. This is another demonstration project in which I show that one can create an all blue mandala or any other color. We could also create any combination you like such as blue and purple.
The other thing that I am building with all this is a stock of mandala rings that can be interchanged to create a variety of mandalas. I can then customize to suit you wishes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dancing Mandalas Video

This is an example of where I eventually want to go with my mandalas. Animation and sound. I ran across this awesome video on You Tube. There are more.

Let's try the embed code.


It looks as though this is too large for this blog window. It would be worth it to follow the link and watch it on You Tube.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Ring Dancing Mandala 1

Pat asked if I could do a 2 ring mandala so as to show up well on a t shirt or jacket, so I created this example. I rather like the one with the outline myself. Any of these silhouette mandalas can be put over a variety of backgrounds. This one could be put over a rainbow background, but I have chosen a blue version here.

Dancing Couple 12

I have added a duotone outline for this dnacing couple, so we now have two couples in solic black, duotone solids, and duotone outline.

Dancing Couples

Here are the first 18 dancing couples numbered so that you can choose which ones you want me to use in a design. Larger size indicates a little higher resolution, but all are detailed enough for any reasonably sized design.
I am working on converting all of these to duotone images and duotone outlines. I will be adding to these original 18 as time goes by.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dancing Couple with Outline

I have completed another duotone dancing couple, but I have experimented with a twist. I show a second image in which the woman is outlined in gray rather than solid. I have played with different thicknesses for the outline and think this is optimal, but it can be thicker or thinner as wanted. Your feedback as to how you like the solid versus outline version would be appreciated.
I will create a couple more outlines and then try a mandala both ways to see which comes out better.